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Weight Training Guide

So you’ve been thinking about weight training for a while and you’ve taken the first step and started to do some research. Great move! There are many benefits to weight training, including increase in strength, improving your appearance, strengthening bones, controlling your weight and more.

Perhaps your reason is that you want to increase body mass, tighten up the midsection of your body or lose some body fat. Or maybe you just want to feel good? For many, feeling physically fit and strong is part of being well-rounded, confident person. This is possible with weight training (resistance training), provided that you stay motivated and that you do it correctly.

This weight training guide will try to answer some of the most common questions regarding weight training. What are the names of the muscles you will be working with? Is it better to train at home or at a gym? Which exercise equipment does what to muscle groups? Is there a place for anabolic steroids and weight training? What is the right exercise routine for me? and many more. First things first, if you are a beginner please read the beginners guide to weight training exercises >>

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